2. März 2021

New Bitcoin bull run in sight? Don’t make the same mistakes as in 2017!

Optimism is the order of the day in the markets. After closing a weekly session in the green, Bitcoin is benefiting from a macroeconomic environment conducive to trend confirmation.

Are we in a configuration similar to that of 2016, which was followed by a historic bull run? One thing is certain: the level required to take advantage of this market upturn is much higher than during the previous cycle. Find out why Napbots could be the ideal solution to be among the future winners!

This promotional article was written in collaboration with NapoleonX.

Am I superhuman?

In a market that is active 24/7, it’s hard to be constantly on the lookout. While traditional finance and its fixed schedules allow you to think about your strategies and apply them in a thoughtful manner, the best entries on Bitcoin or other active cryptos will surely come while you are in the arms of Morpheus. Napbots, on the other hand, never sleeps. It will automate your decision making, taking advantage of the best timings to maximize your profits.

While trading is fun for some, it is multiplied tenfold when it is successful. While the traditional financial market has long since replaced the human in its trading desks, the transition in the world of crypto follows a similar phenomenon. The question to be asked is therefore the following: am I really able to compete with a robot, analyzing hundreds of indicators over a multitude of time frames? Hard to believe!

It is quite conceivable to consider trading as a recreational activity which, even if it is not synonymous with prosperity, allows you to learn more about your emotions. If that’s the case, Napbots can be the perfect complement to bring you peace of mind and risk mitigation.

NapBots trading bots

For the busiest of us, trading can prove to be a time-consuming activity, if not a waste of time. While understanding the basic indicators is always a good thing to take (but not necessary when using Napbots), a trading bot will save you endless hours spent in front of your computer, swallowing tutorials of all kinds.
The choice of simplicity

The complexity of trading bots can sometimes be intimidating. That’s why the Napbots team has made every effort to be the exception to the rule. The simplicity with which this tool can be installed is simply disconcerting. In 3 clicks, your robot will be active in the markets and ready to make logical and emotionless decisions.

Knowledge of python is not necessary to configure your robot. An exhaustive choice of strategies is provided by the Napbots team. You will have full access to their past performance, updated daily. You are free to choose your pair and trading frequency, while enjoying returns of up to 3 digits.

Don’t be fooled! Finding a reliable trading bot is not easy. There are many frauds in the ecosystem. This is why a research work must accompany your final choice. Napbots has survived the test of time, and its credibility is only strengthened today.

In spite of the fun aspect of in-house trading, the increase in professionalism that has accompanied the growth of cryptos must make you think twice. What are your objectives: pleasure or return?

Thrown into the lion’s den and put in head-on competition with trading bots, your chances of success in the long term are tiny.

Fortunately, this technology is now available to everyone thanks to companies such as Napbots. You now have all the cards in hand to optimize your performance. Napbots is known for its ease of use, and with its range of strategies, you can open up your world of possibilities – right now.